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Social Scroll for Twitter (Now Available!! )🎉

A simple chrome extension which takes away the trouble of scrolling on twitter to find someone's old tweets. Simply download the extension and look for old tweets from any month of the user's profile!

Download here: Chrome Webstore Link - Social Scroll for Twitter

Twitter Small Small Promotional Picture 440x280.png

Social Scroll for Instagram (Now Available!! )🎉

Ever tried to scroll to the bottom of someone's Instagram profile to find their first post and giving up half way through? Well Social Scroll for Instagram automates the scrolling process for the user. Simply click one button and let the extension do the scrolling! 

Download here: Chrome Webstore Link - Social Scroll for Instagram

Instagram Small Promotional Picture 440x280.png

Chrome extension which allows you to lookup live stock data by just hovering over the ticker cashtags on Twitter! 

Download here: Chrome Webstore Link - Ticksy Extension

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