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Is there a faster way to view the very first posts on my Instagram account?

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

If you have used Instagram for a while, and uploaded hundred, maybe thousands of pictures on your account, chances are you have asked yourself this question (likely more than once).

And the simple answer is that you actually cant 🤬. Unless you are willing to manually scroll for thousands of posts, there is just no simple way to get to the bottom (on neither mobile, not desktop)

That is...Until NOW! :)

For Desktops, I have created a chrome extension (Social Scroll for Instagram), where all you have to do is click one button and the extension auto-scrolls you to the bottom of anyone's Instagram profile. See it in action below:

I have gamified the extension so you can see when the extension is scrolling and when you reach the bottom the extension displays "Last Post Reached" message indicating that the automatic script has paused.

Just be mindful of a few things to get the best experience using this extension:

1. Let it cool 🌬️

The extension uses some clever code to fool Instagram algorithm into not blocking extension's auto-scrolling script. Since Instagram is hell-bent on making UI experience horrible for users looking to scroll to old posts, we had to take this precaution to make sure that the extension scroll mimics a more human-like behavior 😉🤖, which means plenty of pauses along the way.

2. Wait when you get to the bottom

The scrolling script checks for a few extra seconds once it reaches the bottom to make sure there are no new posts to load before turning off the script. This means that even if you get to the bottom and the extension hasn't displayed "Last Post Reached 🚀" the script is still active and if you try to scroll up, the extension will push you back down.

3. Keep your tab and Chrome window maximized

I apologize for this in advance, but for security reasons, we can't have the extension running in the background. The Instagram tab where scrolling is happening needs to be active and on-screen, otherwise the extension will pause scrolling. So hit "Scroll to Last Post" button and go on a little coffee ☕ break! Just make sure your computer isn't set to a short interval to go to sleep due to inactivity!

Now that you have figured out how to do this, find your favorite account's first post and Tweet it at me @hassnshaikh0

Time to credit the inspiration and suggest an alternative for this extension. The inspiration for the extension comes from a Quora Answer which highlights a manual way to do this. If you prefer to run a scrolling script manually, instead of downloading this extension, you can try it this way as well:

Happy Scrolling and Cheers 🥂 to never having to manually scroll to the bottom of someone's Instagram account ever again!

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