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How to Find Old Tweets (including Your First Tweet) - Chrome Extension

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Twitter, just like any other social media platform, presents a lot of opportunities to express their views, exchange ideas, and engage other people in different topics from trade, politics, family issues, and many other diverse perspectives of life.

Billions of tweets are sent out by millions of Twitter users each day, making Twitter uniquely ephemeral due to large volume of new tweets generated each day!

But sometimes, we all feel the urge to visit a popular old tweet we had seen from our favorite celebrity account or a hilarious meme from a fan account. Unfortunately, Twitter doesn't present a whole lot of tools for users to do this easily.

The worst case scenario may be to scroll endlessly until your trackpad or thumb catches fire and the best case scenario may be to use Twitter's Advanced search, where you have to manually 🤮 enter search queries to narrow or widen your search criteria countless times until you get to the tweet you were looking for

For this reason, I created a simple chrome extension (Social Scroll for Twitter) which solves this problem of finding old tweets for Twitter users.

What is Social Scroll for Twitter?

Social Scroll for Twitter is a chrome extension which enables users to conduct an advanced search of their old tweets without having to use Twitter's Advanced Search. This extension injects a "navigation" menu (seen in the image on right right, below), on each public profile and lets you find anyone's old tweets from any month and year, with just a few clicks.

How to Use the Social Scroll for Twitter to Get Your First Tweet?

Since Twitter publicly tracks when an account was created, this extension provides the extra utility of finding anyone's first tweet as well. Here is an example of me finding Jack Dorsey's (Twitter Founder) first tweets, which also happen to be some of the first tweets on the platform:

An additional benefit of using this extension is also the ability to use the navigation menu for common search terms you enter in the Twitter search bar, so whether you are looking for tweets on the topic of "financial crisis" in 2008 or "chocolate cake recipe" discussions from 2010, you can do that with a couple of clicks using this extension:

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